Mavimare GF 350 HD2 hydraulic steering for twin or triple outboard motors

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De Mavimare GF 350 AD 2 is a heavy duty hydraulic steering for double or triple set of outboard motors up to max. 1.050 HP (3 x 350 HP).
All parts of this pump and cylinder are made of aluminum material of stainless steel 316 quality.
The bolts and nuts are from A4 quality, which means that this hydraulic control unit can also be used at sea because it is seawater resistant.

This control is recommended for double or triple set engines from 400 to 1.050 HP. ( 2 x 200 or max 3 x 350 ).

It comes complete with 2 x 7.5 meter hoses which through heavy compression fittings can be custom made.
These hoses have a maximum working pressure of 190 bar (test pressure 300 bar). 
The control itself has a working pressure of maximum 70 bar
The pump has a pressure relief valve and non-return valves.
Very suitable for the 3x 300 Yamaha engines or the 3 x 350 hp Suzuki engines. 

Caution! To complete the set for double motors with two cylinders you will also need the following items:
Hose set for double cylinders X.351  Price 445,30 euros ( LINK )
Connecting rod 358.10  Price 625,55 euros ( LINK )

Caution! To complete the set for triple engines with two cylinders you will also need the following items:
Hose set for double cylinders X.351  Price 445,30 euros LINK )
Connecting rod 358.08  Price 559 euros ( LINK )
Connecting rod item no. 358.08R  Price 559 euros ( LINK )

Center plate item no. X.376   Price 140,35 euros ( LINK )

Suitable for outboard motors of the following brands: 

  • Yamaha
  • Suzuki
  • Honda
  • Mercury
  • Johnson
  • Evinrude
  • Jungle
  • Specifications:

Brand: Mavimare 
Type: GF 350 HD2
Pump weight: 3.4 kg 
Max pressure pump: 70 bar
Max pressure hoses: 190 bar
Number of plungers in pump: 
Pump volume: 32 cm3
Cylinder volume: 152 cm3
Width cylinder: 55.6 cm
shaft thickness: 20 mm

Contents box:

  • Hydraulic steering pump (can also be recessed).
  • 2 Steering cylinders
  • 2 hydraulic hoses (2 x 7.5 meters). 
  • 2 bottles of hydraulic oil 
  • Fill/bleed hose
  • filling nipple
  • All mounting/fasteners 
  • Very clear installation manual (in English)

    NB! connecting rods must be ordered separately.