Mavimare GM2-MRA01 Hydraulic steering pump 27 cm3

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Mavimare GM2-MRA01 Hydraulic Steering Pump
This steering pump has a built-in check valve and a pressure relief valve.
The housing is completely made of aluminum and is therefore very sturdy.
This pump can be built-in or built-in. 
Pump is supplied with mounting material.
2 extra connections have been made on the back so that the pump can also be used for dual operation or for connecting an autopilot.

Technical data of pump:

Brand: Mavimare
Type: GM2-MRA01 (with built-in check valve and pressure relief valve)
Capacity: 27 cm3
Max pressure pump: 70 bar
Number of plungers: 7
Pump weight: 3.4 kg
Pump dimensions: See drawing opposite

Pump is also available in white.