Mavimare GMO-MRA Hydraulic steering pump 17 cm3

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Mavimare GMO-MRA Hydraulic steering pump

Just like its bigger brothers, this (small) steering pump has a built-in non-return valve and a pressure relief valve.
The housing is completely made of aluminum and is therefore very sturdy.
With other brands in the light class, the housings of the pumps are often made of plastic.
2 extra connections have been made on the back so that the pump can also be used for dual operation or for connecting an autopilot.
This pump can be built-in or built-in. 
Pump is supplied with mounting material and 2 x 90 degree connection nipples (NPT thread).

Pump is also available in white. (must be ordered by phone).

Technical data of pump:

Brand: Mavimare
Type: GMO-MRA (with built-in check valves and pressure relief valve)
Capacity: 17 cm3
Max pressure pump: 70 bar
Number of plungers: 7
Pump weight: 2.6 kg
Pump dimensions: See drawing opposite