Mavimare Hydraulic steering cylinder especially for sloops with trailer rudder

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Mavimare hydraulic steering cylinder especially for sloops with trailer rudder.

Heavy duty hydraulic steering cylinder for sloops with attached rudder.
This hydraulic cylinder is ideal for sloops with a round or straight transom (see drawing).

TYPE: CE 50 S 

Fits any sloop that has a trailer rudder. (see drawing opposite).
This system is very easy to assemble yourself (see photos on the right). 
It is even possible to mount the hydraulic cylinder when the boat is in the water.

Brand: Mavimare 
Type: CE 50 S  

Cylinder weight: 3.0 kg 
Cylinder volume: 88 cm3
Cylinder stroke: 200 mm

Click here  for a clear PDF drawing of how the cylinder is mounted.
Click here  for more information about the cylinder.


Steering cylinder 
stainless steel skin transit

Cylinder comes with a 3 year warranty. 

If you have any questions about this hydraulic cylinder or a complete hydraulic steering system for your sloop, please call us.