Mavimare Hydraulic steering cylinder Type: CE 30 Rudder torque 32 KGM

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Mavimare Hydraulic steering cylinder CE 30

Brand: Mavimare
Type: CE 30 
Volume: 68 cm3
Internal diameter cylinder: 28 mm
Max torque (rudder moment): 30 kgm at 35 degrees (70 bar)
Stroke: 150 mm
Max pressure cylinder: 80 bar
Weight cylinder: 1.9 kg

Steering cylinder is:

  • Very compact build
  • Supplied complete with hose connections.
  • Comes with non-leak air vents for easy venting
  • The piston rod is made of stainless steel AISI 316 (seawater resistant).
  • The cylinder barrel and mounting base are made of seawater resistant brass
  • Equipped with a gimbal mounting plate and a rotatable head on the piston rod, so that misalignment errors are absorbed
  • Fitted with rubber sleeves to seal the piston rod and piston.