New 60 hp Suzuki ARI complete with rigging Black version

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Due to very limited deliveries in 2022, it is wise to reserve this engine early.
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For sale a NEW ONES Suzuki 60 hp (High Thrust) with an extra high discount.

Engine is still in box. incl. 3 year manufacturer's warranty.

Engine is a 40 / 60 hp version which means that the hood says 40 but in reality it is a 3 cylinder 60 hp.

This (intended for the Italian market, among others) ORIGINAL 60 hp engine is factory limited to 40 hp because in Italy, among other things, a navigation license is required for engines above 40 hp.

After we have removed this limitation, it is again the original 60 hp engine.

This ORIGINAL 60 hp AVTL engine has a High Thrust tailpiece making it stronger than a regular 60 hp Suzuki.
The tail is also 17mm longer than a regular 60hp.
It gives 42% more forward thrust than a regular 60 hp Suzuki engine and a 12% improvement in acceleration.
The rear thrust is even 136% higher than with a regular 60 hp Suzuki engine.

Engine is therefore very suitable for the heavier boats, but is
also very suitable for sloops where the engine is mounted in the bun.
Because this engine is very compact, it is often mounted by us in sloops where the engine is placed in the bun.
Other brands of engines often do not fit because they are higher and therefore do not fit under the engine cover of the boat.

The tail (rudder surface) of this engine is considerably larger than that of the regular 60 hp Suzuki so it also steers better at low speeds.
(see photo to see the difference in size of the tail surface).

This 60 hp Suzuki High Thrust engine has a displacement of 941 cm3 with 12 valves and weighs only 115 kg.

Engine also has a Trolling Mode that allows you to lower the engine speed by 50 rpm so that you can run the boat at just the right speed. 

Latest model 2022 with fuel injection, power trim, trolling function and electric start.

Engine comes with latest type remote control, speed / trim meter and propeller.
Of course, all cabling and 4 engine mounting bolts are included.
All new in boxes. 

TECHNICAL DATA:   Click HERE for the technical data of this engine

Brand: Suzuki
Type: F40 / 60 ARI (long shaft)
Year of construction: (NEW)
Weight: 115 kg
Electric Started
Long shaft
Side switch box (new type) 
Speed ​​/ trim meter (new type)


MSRP of a 2022 Suzuki 60 hp AVTL is 9.399 euros.

Now with us for 7.000 euros including remote control meters and propeller.


Surcharge for built-in side throttle / switch box (flush mount) 230,- euro.  LINK  
Surcharge top gas / switch box (top mount) 210,- euro.    LINK 
Extra price Suzuki SMD7 Multi-Function Display (indicates speed and, among other things, current and total fuel consumption) 1.799,- euro.    LINK 
Surcharge Anti-theft system (Y-COP immobilizer kit) EUR 480.    LINK 
Surcharge engine bolt lock (SCM approved) 79 euros.   LINK 
Surcharge gas/shift cables (Click HERE for price list due to various lengths)
Surcharge motor with steering lever operation 400, - euros for self-assembly of the steering lever and 500, - euros if you want us to assemble the lever. This handlebar also has the trolling control.


Additional cost for installation 350,- euros (in our workshop in Hellevoetsluis).
Installation in bun 500, - euros.
Hang the engine only on the boat 75,- euros in our workshop (connect everything yourself). 


Surcharge hydraulic steering 600,- euro. (only in combination with purchase of engine).
Type Mavimare GF150BRT for engines up to 150 hp. Recommended retail price 1.157,95 euros.
Click HERE for link to hydraulic steering.

This control can be seen in our showroom and tested in a test set-up.

NB! The controller can only be supplied at this price if it is purchased at the same time as the motor.
It is not possible to receive the control unit afterwards for this amount. 


Delivered on location throughout the Netherlands excl. the islands for 75,- extra.


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