Control cables for mechanical controls up to 300 hp

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Control cables / mono cables for mechanical controls in 2 different diameters and all lengths.

Suitable for all Mavimare, Teleflex and Ultraflex mechanical controls.

Photo 2 shows how the length of a control cable is measured.

D + 56 cm is the size in cm.

Example: D= 340 cm + 56 cm = 396 cm. To measure in ft. (foot) namely:

396 : 30.5= Round 12,9 to 13 ft.

When ordering please note the following:

These control cables 
have an outer diameter of approx. 16 mm and are suitable for motorcycles from approx. 55 hp. 

The bottom cable in the photo is the connection of this control cable.


Control cables starting with art. no. C.614 have an outer diameter of approx. 14 mm† Top cable in the photo.
These control cables are suitable for engines up to 55 hp.