Yamaha CL5 touch panel info screen

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Yamaha CL5 touch panel info screen (latest model 2022)

Indicates the speed but is also a fuel gauge and fuel computer.

With the new one Yamaha CL5 touch panel info screen you have all the information needed to monitor the performance and efficiency of the engine and your vessel, such as speed, hours, trim angle, oil pressure and warning lights. The combined speed and fuel management gauge displays boat speed, fuel level and fuel consumption.

Indicates the following:

Speed ​​(can be set to km, miles or knots)
Total operating hours
trim angle
Oil pressure
Tank capacity (Can be set to gallons or liters)
Trip (Trip kilometers)
Flow (Current fuel consumption)
Econ ( Here you can see if you are sailing economically )
TTL (Total Gasoline Consumption) 

Is easy to connect to the HUB by means of a plug.

Meter comes with cabling and speed sensor.
(Speed ​​sensor must be connected to the air hose under the hood). 

Can only be used on all injection engines with LAN connection.

Recommended retail price 990 euros. 
Our price is 890 euros. 

Also possible to get this screen in a 7 inch version.
Price 1.510 euros.