Yamaha Y-COP immobilizer system

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Yamaha Y-COP immobilizer system ( NEW MODEL 2022 )

Can be very easily attached to an existing Yamaha LAN network to be connected.
This new version of the Y-cop consists of a receiver that is mounted behind the dashboard. Because the receiver is directly connected to the ECU of the outboard motor, it is no longer possible to start the outboard motor after activation.

The floating Key-fob is waterproof enough to survive a brief submersion in shallow water. 2 Key Fobs are supplied with the set, it is possible to register up to 4 Key Fobs in the system.

If necessary, the system can also be unlocked with a 4 digit code.
The Key Fob monitors the battery level itself, and will warn the user with a sound signal if the battery voltage is too low.

The I-cop set comes with a sticker that can be mounted on the hood or at the steering console. So that it can be clearly seen that the system is protected with a Y-cop start interruption system.

To lock out the outboard, use the Key Fob, it will emit a single beep.
You don't have to do anything to unlock the system, as soon as the Key Fob comes close to the receiver, the system will be unlocked.

The set includes:

An Immobilizer module
2 FOB keys
Fixing materials
Pigtail bus cable 60cm
Y-cop decal
Installation instructions

Suitable for the following models:

  • F20G // F25G // F30B // F40F
  • F50F s/n 6C1-1030972 and above
  • F50H
  • FT50G s/n 6C2-1008760
  • FT50J 
  • F60C s/n 6C5-1038579
  • F60F
  • FT60D s/n 6C6-1013739
  • FT60G
  • F70A // F80D // F100F
  • F115A s/n 68V-1113062
  • FL115A s/n 68W-1004693
  • F115B // F130A // 
  • F150A s/n 63P-1106291
  • F150D // F175A // F200F/G // F225F // F250D // F300B
  • F350A s/n 6AW-1004795
  • FL350A s/n 6AX-1002906
  • F375 // F425